Albuterol 30 tabs x 4mg (Salbutamol)

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  • Albuterol acts directly at beta receptors, while ephedrine works mostly indirectly by stimulating norepinephrine release. This allows greater activity from albuterol.
  • Albuterol acts selectively at beta-2 receptors which promote fat loss, with relatively little effect at beta-1 receptors of the heart. In contrast, ephedrine works about equally at both receptor types. This selectivity enables higher effective dosing of albuterol for same or lesser effect on the heart.
  • Albuterol does not activate alpha receptors, which act to impede fat loss. Ephedrine indirectly activates alpha receptors as well as beta receptors, which reduces its potential efficacy particularly with “stubborn fat.

2 reviews for Albuterol 30 tabs x 4mg (Salbutamol)

  1. Deneen Rorer

    I’ve had a much better experience with this inhaler than most people – I don’t find it difficult to breathe in the powder at all (maybe they changed something because I only started using it less than a year ago?) works better than the hfa inhaler I used to use in terms of assisting my breathing and does not increase my heart rate, make me shaky, or anxious, which is especially useful when you already have anxiety.

  2. Mitchell Salman

    My husband suffers from COPD, and his doctor recently switched his albuterol inhaler to Ventolin. His other one wasn’t working properly. He’s been on Ventolin for about two weeks and he loves it. He doesn’t need to use it as frequently, and it lasts much longer than his previous one. This inhaler is a favorite of his.

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